Lemongrass Thai: Hot Lunch

Where: Lemongrass Thai Restaurant, Raleigh, NC

GF Menu: No.

What I ate: Chicken Yellow Curry Lunch Special with Thai Salad

How to order it: The lunch special comes with your choice of an individual portion of Fried Thai Egg Roll, Grilled Chicken Satay, Fried Tofu, Thai Salad, or a fresh soup of the day. In Thai cuisine, fried rolls most likely contain wheat. I chose the salad with its spicy peanut dressing.

Note of caution: There is a chance the day’s dressing may contain soy sauce, which may contain wheat, so it’s always a good idea to check with the server.

What it looks like:

Chicken, baby red potatoes, bell peppers and onion in coconut milk base curry. Warning: the curry will set your mouth on fire! You may not suspect it at first, but the heat blooms with each successive bite. Prepare to break a sweat. From the Lemongrass website: “Know Before You Go – The food here is seriously spicy. At Thai restaurants, asking for a dish “Thai hot” means as hot as it comes. Most restaurants’ hottest dishes come in a four-star ranking, but Lemongrass goes up to five stars.” This dish comes with a side (I chose salad) and a tiny dish of cooling and colorful pickles.

Green Note: Lemongrass is set in a cozy square space and has only 11 tables, which must help keep their operational overhead heating and cooling costs down. They also offer a “green gift” option for the person who has everything – a Lemongrass Gift Certificate. Who needs wrapping paper and bows when you can give someone the gift of a hot (and I mean hot!) meal?

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  1. Lemongrass is really good; and the food is reasonably priced, too!

  2. […] If you are familiar with another exceptionally good Thai restaurant in the Raleigh area called Lemongrass (click here for March 2010 post), you may be prepared for the level of hotness in these dishes. These two restaurants are sister […]

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