The Weathervane: Perfectly Seasoned

Where: The Weathervane, located in A Southern Season, a 59,000-square foot culinary mecca in Chapel Hill, NC

GF Menu: No

What I ate: Asparagus Risotto + Scallops

How to order it: Ask the server whether the risotto contains any gluten. Risotto means “little rice” in Italian, and it is traditionally cooked with broth, which may contain wheat. The Weathervane’s does not.

After checking with the kitchen about the risotto, our attentive server asked whether I’d like to add some protein to this dish. I could select any of the meats normally offered as salad toppings on the menu. I chose scallops.

What it looks like:


Risotto with asparagus and roasted red pepper cream sauce with shaved parmesan cheese and extra pan-seared scallops. This dish has everything – texture, color, vegetable, grain, and protein. The sauce – oh, the sauce – dreamy and warming from both the temperature and the roasted pepper.

Try to save room for their artisanal cheese plates or equally scrumptious desserts when you go.

Green Note: The Weathervane uses the freshest, most seasonal ingredients in all of their gourmet dishes.

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  1. Must eat here too…Mark it!

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