Vivace: Al Fresco

Where: Vivace, Raleigh, NC. There is also a Vivace Charlotte location, with a Gluten-Free Menu.

GF Menu: Yes! Click HERE and you can see it online.

What I ate: Steamed P.E.I Mussels (Antipasti) + Fennel Crusted Salmon (Secondi)

How to order it: Ask the server for the GF Menu. Select. Eat.

What it looks like:

Vivace Salmon

The Prince Edward Island Mussels (not pictured here) were enough to share and come with roasted tomatoes and garlic (no bread).

This salmon is lightly pan seared, yielding a crispy exterior. There are hints of fennel and rosemary in every bite. The chickpeas and artichokes are a savory, textural trampoline for the fish.

Encouraged by all the glittering options on the dinner menu, I asked to see the GF Dessert Menu. There isn’t one! You can, however, order a scoop of gelato (minus the cookie). Maybe by the time you visit Vivace, Dear Reader, there will be a few more GF options. If so, please tell us about them! I just learned that Vivace makes their own limoncello (made from lemon rinds, sugar water, and vodka). I may order that for dessert next time!

Green Note: Pining to spend more time outside? Vivace’s outdoor patio is open during all business hours. The bar inside the restaurant opens onto the patio, producing the sense of an open-air Italian piazza.

Want to reduce your carbon footprint by consuming fewer meats? In addition to a Gluten-Free Menu, Vivace features a Vegetarian/Pescaterian Menu.  The “Low Carbon Diet” states: “meat and other products (such as cheese) from ruminant animals such as cows, sheep and goats, are the cause of half of the food system’s overall contribution to climate change. Whether it comes from near or far, meat and cheese are “high-carbon foods.”

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