Pam’s Farmhouse: Country Cookin’

Where: Pam’s Farmhouse, 5111 Western Boulevard, Raleigh, NC

GF Menu: No.

What I ate: Vegetable Plate.

How to order it: Scan the lengthy list of hot and cold veggies on the daily menu and select three or four non-fried items. When in doubt, ask the server about breading, or the use of malt vinegars. Most commonly used vinegars such as red wine, apple cider, balsamic (click HERE for an exhaustive list of vinegars and ingredients) are gluten free, with the exception of Malt Vinegar because the “malt” is derived from barley malt, which contains gluten.

What it looks like:

Pam's Farmhouse Veggie Plate

Steamed cabbage, green beans with red potatoes, pickled beets, cucumbers, and fresh apple sauce. Summer on a plate. The cabbage was not soggy and contained a few red pepper flakes for extra warmth. The beans had a little bit o’ snap to them. My favorite were the cukes – crisp, vinegary, and cool.

Green Note:

Waste-Saving: Notice the iced tea was served in a classic glass mason jar. The food came out of the kitchen hot, fast, and on washable plates.

Carbon and Cash-Saving: You can reduce your carbon footprint by getting a veggie plate, rather than a meat dish. If you do go for the meat, however, you can still get a meat + 2 sides + tea all for less than $7. That’s saving some green!

Time-Saving: This place is the epitome of Southern hospitality in an unpretentious setting. Get there early for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, as it fills up quickly.

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