Bullock’s BBQ: Southern Exposure

Where: Bullock’s Bar-B-Q, 3330 Quebec Dr., Durham, NC

GF Menu: No.

What I ate: Cajun-Style Catfish Fillet + 3 Veggie Sides

How to order it: Ask the server whether the fish fillets are breaded, and whether the cajun seasoning contains any gluten ingredients.

My server went to the kitchen and checked on all of these questions for me. Bless his heart, he wrote down all the ingredients in the seasoning, and brought this list back to the table for me to look over, just to be safe. Now that’s service!

Complementary hush puppies are brought to your table when you order. These puppies were made with a cornmeal + flour mixture, and were therefore not safe for GF diners. Just pass them to your non-GF friends.

What it looks like:

Bullocks BBQ Meal

Seasoned catfish fillets with your choice of 3 Sides. I chose Collard Greens, Lima Beans, and Baked Apples. The warm catfish was moist and the seasoning was just right. The collards were bold and big-leaved, with occasional red pepper flakes, and perhaps a hint of brown sugar. The lima beans were al dente, ungarnished, and straight-up yummy. The apples were baked with butter and cinnamon.

Green Note: Bullock’s has been a local, family-owned and operated restaurant since 1952.

For those who would like to cut down on meat-eating (though it’s certainly a challenge with their delicious BBQ right under your nose!), Bullock’s offers a delightful selection of 22 “Daily Vegetables” on their menu. You can order a Vegetable Plate with 2, 3, or 4 Veggies of your choice.

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