Dos Taquitos Mexican Restaurant: Pork Tacos

This is the original mother restaurant to the relatively newer Centro in downtown Raleigh. (See Centro post from 06.10.2010.) I enjoyed Centro so much, I wanted to go back to the source.

Where: Dos Taquitos Mexican Restaurant, Update: Formerly Dos Taquitos North at 5629 Creedmoor Rd (Plaza Place), Raleigh, NC 27612 has now moved to 6101 Glenwood Avenue, NC 27612

GF Menu: No.

What I ate: Chips + Salsa + Guacamole Dip and Tacos Al Pastor with a Side Salad from the Lunch Menu.

How to order it: Ask the server whether the chips and tortillas are made with corn. Some dishes at Dos Taquitos call for flour tortillas, so be sure to specify that you are Gluten-Free, and would like only the corn tortillas on your dish.

Also ask whether the pork is seasoned with a spice mix that includes gluten.

What it looks like:

These unique tacos were wrapped in corn tortillas, filled with pork seasoned with dried chilis and pineapple, and then topped with large chunks of fresh pineapple. With the side salad gently tucked into a corn chip bowl next to the tacos, this was a satisfying lunch option. I highly recommend the cilantro dressing on the salad.

The servers bring corn chips and salsa to your table while you wait for your food. I ordered the guacamole to go with the chips. I went back and forth between the fresh salsa and the guacamole trying to figure out which I liked best. Impossible – I’ll always order both.

Green Note: At Dos Taquitos, you can dine outside on the covered patio area, surrounded by live plants and whimsical crafts from Mexico. I love what the owner writes on the website about the look of the restaurant: “It is an organized mess. Arts and crafts flying in the air, dancing at this wonderful Mexican rhythm…to the untrained eye, it will look like a bunker after an explosion, but everything is in its place.”

These lunch items were served in plastic baskets with removable liners, rather than on dishes. The baskets can be re-used and the only dish-washing required is for the cutlery and the cups.

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