Thaiphoon Bistro: A Welcome Retreat

Where: Thaiphoon Bistro, 301 Glenwood Avenue, Suite 190, Raleigh, NC 27603

GF Menu: No.

What I ate: Pad Ma Mung with Tofu + Pot of Jasmine Tea from the Lunch Menu

How to order it: Check with the server to determine whether any of the ingredients in a stir-fry dish are seasoned with soy sauce. If the answer is yes, ask if the soy sauce is Gluten-Free.

On the day I visited, our very friendly server assured me that the soy sauce that they used, Golden Mountain Soy Sauce, was Gluten-Free. This soy sauce is also, blessedly, free of MSG.

What it looks like:

The orange table was a perfect backdrop for this exquisite dish. A Ram Thai of flavors danced across my tongue: Lightly fried tofu squares, cashews, fresh pineapple chunks, scallions, white onions, green beans, and carrots. Next to the steaming hot stir-fry was a small salad topped with artfully shaved red beets, paired with a soft block of warm jasmine rice.

This item had a “*” next to it on the menu, denoting that it will be spicy. The restaurant is happy to adjust their dishes to your preference.

The quality and portion-size of this meal were an incredible value for lunch. The service was also quick. I had only steeped my Jasmine tea for a minute, when the hot food arrived at my table.

The popular restaurant, though busy with activity, was an oasis of calm from the traffic of Glenwood Avenue. High ceilings, statues of serene Bodhisattvas, and peaceful lounge music provided a perfect mid-day retreat.

Green Note: I found my “Green Note” for this post right away.

The drink list was printed on a label adhered to an old vinyl record. The food menu was printed on the inside and back of a used DVD case. Brilliant re-use of available resources – and fun!

Thaiphoon Bistro on Urbanspoon


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