The Diner: All Day (24/7) GF Breakfast! (Now CLOSED)

The Diner closed its doors as of Monday, November 21st, 2011.

Where: The Diner Raleigh, 410 Glenwood Avenue, Raleigh, NC 27603. They are open 24/7 Thursday through Sunday and open at 8am on Monday through Wednesday.

GF Menu: No, but our sweet and savvy server, Beckett Darr, mentioned that they stock a GF bread, which can be substituted on many of the sandwiches. The Diner staff we met were well-versed in Gluten-Free needs.

What I ate: Eggs Benedict + Side of Bacon

How to order it: GF Diners, when was the last time you were able to order Eggs Benedict in a restaurant? Because it is classically prepared on an English Muffin, this dish is usually a no-no for the gluten-intolerant when dining out. Ask for the Eggs Benedict on the Gluten-Free buns.

If you search for hollandaise sauce recipes online, the ingredients vary. Some are made with a malt vinegar or Worcestershire Sauce (which may contain malt vinegar). I asked whether this hollandaise contained any gluten. After checking with the kitchen, they assured me that it did not.

What it looks like:

At The Diner, enjoy scrumptiously fluffy poached eggs atop slices of canadian bacon and bread. The hollandaise sauce was warm and lemony. The GF bread was fresh (not crumbly) and moist (not chewy). Fantastic!

The All-Day breakfast items on the menu come with your choice of bacon, sausage, hash browns or fruit. Readers, please don’t judge my bacon consumption. Hey, these are two different kinds of bacon! Did you know that canadian bacon comes from the meatier loin of the pig, just along the backbone, while “standard bacon” comes from the pork belly, along the ribs? It was purely for the sake of scientific comparison. Mmmm….bacon.

Green Note: General Manager, Sean Monson, explained that The Diner is making an effort to “Go Green.” As part of this effort, they phased out the use of paper towels and replaced them with energy efficient hand dryers. Here is an educational sign posted above the restroom sinks:

Poster Text: Did you know…

  • Paper towels are made from virgin pulp trees. Once the trees are cut down, they can no longer absorb carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas warming our planet.
  • There is a copious amount of fuel used to transport the logs.
  • Running the machinery to process paper towels creates a large carbon footprint.
  • The many trash bags of paper towels that accumulate over the course of the day translate into landfill material.

The Diner also features al fresco dining with a large wrap-around patio overlooking Glenwood Avenue. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can watch the sun rise over Raleigh and raise your coffee (or milkshake or float) to another Gluten-Free day!

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