Pittsboro Roadhouse General Store: Art, Music, and Food

June 2013 Update: I am pleased to report that the Pittsboro Roadhouse General Store menu now contains this sweet line: “Gluten free options are available for burger and pasta dishes.”

On my way to the Chatham Studio Tour, coordinated annually by the Chatham Arts Council, I stopped for a bite to eat at a favorite community gathering place, the General Store Cafe, located in historic Pittsboro. In Chatham County, the arts and food go hand-in-hand.

Where: Pittsboro Roadhouse General Store, 39 West Street, Pittsboro, NC

GF Menu: No.

What I ate: Salad Platter (choice of 3 salads) from the Lunch Menu

How to order it: Select three salads (avoiding pasta-based salads) from the menu and check with the server about gluten content. Ask that any accompanying pita, crostini, or croutons be left off your plate. When selecting a salad dressing, ask the server to check with the kitchen to ensure that your choice is Gluten-Free.

What it looks like:

As Michael Pollan and grandmothers the world over advise: “Eat your colors!” You will accomplish this when dining at Pittsboro Roadhouse General Store.

My Salad Platter included a gorgeous Beet Walnut Salad, Chicken Salad with red grapes and pecans, and a Greek Salad made with organic greens, olives, feta, red onions, and tomatoes. I thoroughly enjoyed the combinations of flavors, from the sweet beets to the salty feta. I converted my plate into a kind of slow-mo lazy susan, rotating it by hand so I could sample each salad again, rediscovering the flavors in turn.

Green Note: The Pittsboro Roadhouse General Store (formerly known as The General Store Cafe) originally opened as a natural foods store in 1979. Today, it thrives in the center of charming, historic Pittsboro, attracting visitors from all over the country to sample fare from the local culinary and arts scene. The following is taken from their website:

Now owned by a small group of dedicated individuals, the café continues to grow. Two of the owners, Vance and Joyce Remick, manage and keep the café alive as a community center by supporting local artists, musicians, and non profits. Every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night home town musicians take the stage, often to a standing room only crowd. The café’s newest project, the Burrito Bash, is held the first Monday of each month to help raise money for different local non profit organizations.

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