Foster’s Market: Serving Durham since 1990

Where: Foster’s Market, 2694 Durham-CH Blvd., Durham, NC

GF Menu: No. 12/07/2014 Update: Foster’s Market now features a sign at the Deli Counter offering the option of Gluten-Free bread (for sandwiches) at an additional cost of $2.

What I ate: Super Sampler Plate

How to order it: Walk past the case full of fresh baked goods. Do not look at the blueberry muffins, chocolate chip cookies, and seasonal fruit pies. I warned you not to look. You, dear GF reader, are above such temptations. You are here for a salad that is as beautiful as it is delicious, and will leave you feeling healthy and satisfied. Besides, if you must indulge in something sweet, you can purchase some GF candy at the register.

The salads at Foster’s are homemade daily. Choose any combination of 2 vegetarian salads and one salad with tuna or chicken from their daily selections (1/3 pound of each) to make up the Super Sampler. On the day I visited, there were about eight scrumptious salads, but be sure to ask your server to help you pick three salads that are Gluten-Free.

What it looks like:

Eat your colors. My Super Sampler was comprised of the Curried Cauliflower, Chicken Broccoli Mozzarella, and Sweet Potato salads.

Light and crunchy with al dente cauliflower stems, yellow squash, celery, and parsley, the curried cauliflower salad was an unexpected treat. The chicken broccoli salad contained sauteed onions, black olives, roasted red pepper, mozzarella and broccoli, on the crisp side. The sweet potato salad was a great complement to the other items. It was both sweet and savory, with red onions, parsley, bits of bacon, and shredded cheese.

This food is so fresh, it glows! Okay, the sun may have broken through from the Foster’s fabulous outdoor patio and illuminated my dish, but I believe this light came from within.

Green Note: At Foster’s, you order food at the counter and drinks are self-service. When you are leaving, you bus your own table, separating the washable dishes and cutlery from food waste and napkins. Recycling bins are clearly marked near the drink service station.

The following is excerpted from the Foster’s Market website:

Our guiding principles have always been to serve great tasting food, offer superior customer service, have fun and earn a living. The market/cafe was such a success that Sara opened a second Foster’s Market location in 1998 in Chapel Hill. Over the years Foster’s Market has won many awards from “Small Business of the Year” to “Best Lunch Spot in the Triangle.” Sara also received the award for “2010 Restaurateur of the Year” from the North Carolina Restaurant and Lodging Association.

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