Mami Nora’s Rotisserie: Authentic Peruvian Cuisine

Thank you to my foodie friend and photographer, Drew Davidson, for recommending this next restaurant, and for sharing his photo.

Where: Mami Nora’s Rotisserie, 2401 Wake Forest Road, Raleigh, NC 27608

GF Menu: No.

What I ate: 1/4 Chicken Combo with 2 Sides (Black Beans and Sweet Plantains) + Coconut Water

How to order it: I wrote to Mami Nora’s manager to ask the following questions about the gluten content of some of their menu items:

1. Do your black beans contain any gluten (flour, wheat, barley, or rye ingredients)?
2. Does your chicken seasoning mix contain any gluten?
3. Do the yucca fries have any breading on them, or are they fried in the same oil with anything that might have flour on it?

To these questions, Manager Ranbir Bakhshi responded, “The answer to all 3 questions is ‘no.’ The chicken, black beans, and yucca are all Gluten -Free.”

Special Note: Please see the extremely helpful clarifying comment from Laura Wooten below this post. It informs us that, since the time of this posting, the black beans are NOT Gluten-Free. The seasoning contains barley, which is not safe for celiacs.

I later inquired by phone about the two dipping sauces and the sweet plantains. I was assured that these are also Gluten-Free.

What it looks like:

Photo Credit: Drew Davidson

Pictured above is the 1/4 Chicken with tender, juicy, seasoned white meat breast/wing. (Dark Meat Leg/Thigh is also available.) You will taste the distinctive difference of food prepared in an oven using wood charcoal. The restaurant advertises that this slow-roasted flavor is authentic to what you would experience when dining on the street corners of Lima, Peru.

The black beans were hearty. The sweet plantains were gorgeous – warm, and a little bit tart on the inside, and candied with a light, crispy edge on the outside.

Green Note: Mami Nora’s uses little electricity in the cooking process. The following was taken from their website:

Mami Nora’s is recognized for its unforgettable rotisserie chicken, cooked in a special marinade, then roasted in our imported oven from Perú. This oven uses only wood charcoal, no gas or electric heat is needed.

I’m also pleased to share with you that “Sweet Tea & Wheat-Free” has had more than 10,000 views. Thank you, from the bottom of my Gluten-Free heart!

More good news – North Carolina Governor Beverly Perdue has declared May “Celiac Disease Awareness Month” again. Read the full announcement on Gluten Free Raleigh.

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  1. Thanks so much for reviewing this wonderful restaurant! I was recently diagnosed with celiac, so your reviews have been so helpful. However, I wanted to let you and your readers know that I recently visited Mami Nora’s, and discovered that the black beans are NOT gluten free! The (very helpful) gentleman taking my order was kind enough to let me read the ingredients on the bullion/seasoning that was used on the black beans, and it contains barley – not safe for celiac or gluten intolerant customers! The chicken, rice, and plantains though ARE gluten free and very yummy!
    Take care!

    • Hello, Laura. Thank you very much for this clarifying note! It reminds me that verbal assurances from restaurant staff are not always the last stop in the gluten-free investigation process. It helps to be informed, and we are grateful to you for double-checking. I will update this post with a note about the beans. Many thanks again!

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