Bloomsbury Bistro: A Delicious Destination

Where: Bloomsbury Bistro, 509 W. Whitaker Mill Road, Suite 101, Raleigh, NC 27608

GF Menu: No. The menu at Bloomsbury Bistro changes approximately every six weeks. They state the following on their website:

We’re always happy to accommodate any special dietary needs or restrictions. Please call the restaurant at (919) 834-9011 with any questions.

What I ate: Asparagus and Yukon Gold potato Vichyssoise (without croutons), Pork Loin, and a Dessert Sampler for Two, all from the seasonal Three-Course Tasting Menu.

How to order it: When we told our server that we would be dining Gluten-Free, he responded with an encouraging, “Tell me what you want and we’ll see if we can modify it.” He added that he was carrying a list of the items containing gluten, but would also check with the kitchen before confirming our order. Lovely!

What it looks like:

This verdant asparagus and yukon gold potato vichyssoise with lumps of crabmeat, and topped with black pepper creme fraiche, was served chilled. A perfect way to begin a summer meal.

The main event was a pork loin roasted in a pecan crust. The crust was warm, crispy, herby, and delicately reminiscent of pecan pie. Paired with a savory bite of pork, the flavors enhanced one another.

Underneath the pork was a bed of stone ground yellow grits (locally-sourced from Lindley Mills) with a side of Appalachian greens, smoked bacon, and Sandhills peaches in Wild Turkey Boredelaise.

The Dessert Sampler for Two was a treasure trove. Clockwise from the top, was a ricotta custard with blackberry sauce, strawberries with vanilla chantilly and lemon curd, dark chocolate truffles, and a light sorbet.

Green Note: Chef/Proprietor John Toler incorporates local, seasonal ingredients into an ever-changing menu.

Why eat seasonally? Lou Bendrick, columnist for Grist, gives several reasons in The Surprising Benefits of Seasonal Eating. Check it out.

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