The House at Gatewood: Like Home Away From Home

Hillsborough is defining its place on the culinary map – one great new restaurant at a time.

I heard excited chatter about this historic house that was being converted into a fresh dining establishment many months prior to its opening. It has become a place to enjoy handcrafted food and cocktails, and locally crafted brews on draft.

The House at Gatewood offers a taste of home as you wish you could cook it. Tucked inside a 16-acre wooded property with a pond, it feels like you’re on vacation in a gracious home.

Where: The House at Gatewood, 300 US-70, Hillsborough, NC 27278

GF Menu: No. However, the menu states, “Ask your server about our gluten free choices.”

What I ate: Corn-Dusted Calamari; Cast Iron New York Strip with creamed spinach, mashed potatoes, and sweet crispy onions; and, Crème Brûlée.

How to order it: When I asked my server about the gluten free choices, he readily explained, “almost everything on the menu tonight is gluten free, except the Mac ‘n’ cheese.”

Then, the choice was mine between options like corn-crusted catfish, barbecue grilled chicken, dry-rubbed smoked brisket, or skillet steak. All of these options sounded delightful. I clearly need to come back.

Sadly, the cornbread brought to each table on the evening I visited, was not gluten-free. When in doubt, always ask. Advocate for yourself throughout any meal. Do not assume that the server either knows or remembers that you have a food allergy or intolerance. Help them help you.

 What it looks like:

GatewoodCalamariWhen was the last time you safely ate anything battered and fried? Fried seafood is usually a no-go for those suffering from gluten allergies. Here at The House at Gatewood, the calamari appetizer was dusted only with fine-ground cornmeal, and then prepared in a dedicated fryer. These calamari were sweet, tender, crisp, and accompanied by remoulade & chimichurri sauces, both of which were gluten-free.

GatewoodSkilletSteakMmmm…skillet steak. The steak was wonderfully scrumptious.

The side dishes competed for prominence, too. The bowl of creamed spinach was amazing (garlicky, umami, and al dente), the side of mashed potatoes were impossibly fluffy, and the crispy fried (gluten free!) tobacco onions contributed a gentle crunch to the meal.

GatewoodCremeBruleeA Bailey’s Crème Brûlée with real vanilla bean flecks made a sweet nightcap.

Green Note: The House at Gatewood uses glass mason jars for serving beverages, prints recyclable paper menus, and displays the daily specials on a roll of brown butcher’s paper rather than printing extra menu inserts.


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