Rue Cler: Traditional French Bistro

If you can’t hop the short flight from RDU to Paris anytime soon, you can still sample brilliant French flavors close to home at the “traditional French Bistro” called Rue Cler. Just in time for Bastille Day! 

Where: Rue Cler, 401 E. Chapel Hill St., Durham, NC

GF Menu: No.

What I ate: Soupe du Jour, Nicoise Salad, and L’Escalope de Saumon.

I did not order dessert, but the server said a GF Crème Brûlée and GF Chocolate Terrine were available.

How to order it: Ask your server about Gluten-Free options. On the day I visited, our server explained that many of the menu items are naturally GF.

When I inquired about the soupe du jour, she said that it was gluten-free that day. She added that the chef avoids using a roux in the soup specifically so that diners with gluten allergies can still enjoy it.

 What it looks like:

RueClerBisquewithwineA lovely shrimp bisque! Lightly sweet, with hints of tarragon and cumin, drizzled with aromatic coriander oil, and finished with a dollop of real cream. This warm soup was an ideal start to a terrific meal.

RueClerNicoiseCloseupI prefer a classic nicoise salad in the summer as it’s simultaneously light yet filling. Salty tuna and olives, tangy tomatoes, crisp sweet lettuces, green beans, red potatoes, and slices of hard-boiled egg are all topped with a house-made champagne vinaigrette.

RueClerSalmonLandscapeA perfectly pan-seared salmon steak dressed with a lemon aioli atop green beans and roasted red potatoes. This was a flavorful, textural treat.

Green Note: This quote from the About Us page of the Rue Cler website:

“Executive Chef Todd Whitney’s food is inspired by French tradition and seasonal, local products. The dinner menu features Chef Whitney’s take on classic Bistro food, while also offering an ever changing Prix Fixe option composed of local and seasonal products.”


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