Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar: Awesome Burgers with GF Burger Buns

It’s almost the Fourth of July, and the tantalizing aroma of outdoor grilling is in the air. This is an appropriate time to feature Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar, where you can go for a taste of summer all year round. As an added bonus in this particular post, Bad Daddy’s has shared their GF Homemade Mustard Recipe (see below) in case you’d like to add a little of their flavor to your own backyard grill.

Where: Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar. The first Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar opened in Charlotte, NC in 2007, and now there are multiple locations throughout NC, SC, TN and CO. I visited the Birkdale Village (Huntersville, NC) location for breakfast, and the Raleigh location for lunch on separate days.

GF Menu: YES! It’s professionally printed, displayed in its own fancy folder, and very easy to read.

What I ate: For breakfast, I ordered the Average Joe. For lunch, I had a Basic Buffalo Burger with mozzarella & avocado, GF chips, and a GF bun.

How to order it: Bad Daddy’s makes ordering Gluten-Free easy. Just ask for the GF menu, make your selection, and tell the server what you would like. (As a general rule, it always helps to remind servers that you are ordering from the gluten-free menu.) When ordering a burger, you can opt to have it on a GF bun (for $1.50 extra) or in a lettuce wrap.

Currently, they offer two GF beers – Omission Pale Ale and Omission Lager. According to the Omission website, these “handcrafted beers are made from barley, hops,
water and yeast, brewed using a proprietary process to remove gluten.”

Here is Bad Daddy’s allergen-related legal disclaimer from their menu:

This menu and the information on it are provided as a service to our customers. Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar goes to tremendous strides to identify all forms of gluten and gluten derivatives in the foods we purchase or prepare in house. However, we cannot be responsible for individual reactions to any food products or guarantee that the food we serve is free from any allergen. Our wait staff and cooks are not professional trained on the intricacies of Celiac Disease or gluten intolerance and cannot be expected to provide recommendations or other advice on this issue, but have taken necessary precautions to provide you with a gluten-free meal and will attempt to accommodate your individual requests. This menu, in no way should be considered medical advice. Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar disclaims all responsibility related to the use of this information. If you have any questions regarding particular foods that cause allergic reactions, these should be discussed with your physician.

What it looks like:


The Average Joe is in no way “average”. This hearty breakfast platter comes with three eggs (prepared to your preference); your choice of bacon, sausage, or ham; breakfast potatoes or fresh fruit; and a gluten-free bun. Their lightly grilled GF hamburger bun at breakfast was so surprisingly delicious, I asked the server what brand they are using. She checked with the kitchen and shared that they serve Farm Mountain Gluten-Free Buns (from the company European Bakers). I enjoyed slathering this with butter and jam.


Get a load of this Basic Burger – also a misnomer. It was anything but basic! I opted for the 6oz. buffalo burger patty, fresh mozzarella cheese, avocado slices, and Cape Cod Original potato chips (according to their website, these are allergen-free!) with sides of Bad Daddy’s house-made mustard (see recipe below) and pickles.


This was an incredible burger-eating experience from start to finish. The textures and tastes of these ingredients all melded together so nicely. This could easily become my favorite, but there are still so many more variations of burgers and GF premium toppings to try at Bad Daddy’s.

Special July 4th Edition Recipe – Bad Daddy’s Homemade Mustard, courtesy of Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar:

Makes 3.5 quarts (can be halved, and will store in refrigerator for many months)

4 cups yellow mustard seed

1 quart white wine vinegar

1 quart Paul Masson Chablis

13 Tbsp maple syrup

13 tsp turmeric spice

6 1/2 tsp Kosher salt

Mix all the ingredients together except for the mustard seed.  Once it is mixed, add the mustard seeds.  Mix that together well and then refrigerate overnight.  The next day, purée the mix in a blender until smooth.

Green Note: From their “Local Partners” page on their corporate website:

At Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar, we are committed to sourcing local and fresh ingredients whenever possible, and supporting nearby businesses with interests in the local culinary marketplace, like our extensive selection of craft beers and regional spirits.

So whether it’s an award-winning craft beer we have on tap or ingredients for our burgers and salads that we grab fresh from local farms, there’s always a part of the Bad Daddy’s experience that’s local and real for the communities we do business in.

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